Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Neri Bloomfield College of Design and Architecture, Haifa, Israel
Otis College of Art and Design (CE-Metal and Sculpture), Los Angeles, CA
Metal work apprenticeship, Daniel Wheeler, Big Objects Studio, Glendale, CA
Clay workshop, Peachtree Pottery, Los Angeles, CA



The Fourth World. Big City Forum.  THE INSTITUTE FOR ART AND OLFACTION. Los Angeles, CA
Art Beyond Conflict. Sculpture North West gallery, Bellingham, WA
Art Beyond Conflict / Earth Day. Sculpture North West, Year long public art installation, Bellingham, WA
_Lo / WAVE II. NOH / WAVE. Los Angeles, CA

INSIDE. Athenaeum. LA Jolla, CA
Rituals of Sphynx and Lamassu. MaRS Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Experience 19: TOUCH. ESMoA, El Segundo, CA
Salon No.13, Marin Projects, Santa Monica, CA
Vessels. LAXART, Hollywood CA
Uncommon Terrain. Shulamit gallery, Venice, CA
Aqua Hotel. Vedars. Miami Beach FL.
LAX ART Gala. Greystone Manor, Beverly Hills, CA.
Galia Linn. Vessels. Shulamit gallery, Venice, CA

Abstract Perversion, Emma Gray HQ, Santa Monica CA
The Interior Forest, 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA

The Only Reason, Open Studio, Culver City. CA

Super Sense, 825 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Breaking in Two, Arena 1 gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Metal Canvases and Steel Line Drawings, Open Studio, Culver City, CA
Here I am, Open Studio, Culver City, CA
Energy, TedxConejo, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center, Thousand Oaks, CA. 

Catch me bird – IRON, Ford Amphitheater Plaza, Los Angeles, CA. 


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April 2017             Fountainhead Residency, Miami, Florida


Founder, Blue Roof Studios

Blue Roof Studios is a multidisciplinary art hub located in South Los Angeles. It offers a place for local artists to work in an environment that fosters creativity and community. Blue Roof Studios also hosts events that promote dialog with artists and the public. 


Works held in private collections in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv.


The Fourth World at The Institute of Art and Olfaction. By Shana Nys Dambrot
October 2017

KCET. Art Bound
De-skilled Ceramics: The Approachable Art Form. By Shana Nys Dambrot
September 2017

KCRW. Art Talk.
Art in Former Church and Underground Museum. By Edward Goldman
August 2017

Art Ltd. Magazine
Elena Stonaker and Galia Linn: "Rituals of Sphinx and Lamassu" at MaRS Gallery. By Shana Nys Dambrot
Nov / Dec 2016

La Jolla Light
Athenaeum Music & Arts Library presents a Wabi-Sabi experience.  By Lonnie Burstein Hewitt
September 28, 2016

AUTURE Magazine
"Rituals of Sphinx and Lamassu"
September 16, 2016

Art Radar
The elements of surrender: Israeli-American sculptor Galia Linn – interview
Lisa Pollman —August 9, 2016

The Creators Project
Divine Vessels Force Us to Break the Walls of Perception | City of the Seekers
Tanja M. Laden — Jun 9, 2016

Art Ltd Magazine
Salon No. 13 in Art Ltd Magazine’s top 10 of 2015.  By Shana Nys Dambrot
Jan/Feb, 2016

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vuhneeshun magazine
Questions with Artists
November,  2015

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5 Art Shows You Should See in LA This Week.  By Catherine Wagley
October 29, 2015

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KCRW Art Talk.
 “Looking for Art: From Downtown to the Ocean”.  By Edward Goldman
August 25, 2015

AUTURE Magazine
A studio visit with sculptor and site specific installation artist
August 15, 2015

LAXArt gala serves up typing, tattoos and smashing taboos.  By Adam Tschorn

LAXArt Gala, a night of art-magic and mystery at Greystone Mansion.  By Deborah Vankin
September 29, 2014