Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA




2019     Upcoming Orlando. Irrational Exhibits #11. The Bendix building, Los Angeles, CA.

Upcoming Binder of Women, 2nd edition. The Pit. Glendale, CA.

            Note to Self.  Emma Gray, Garage no.1. Santa Monica, CA

Evidence of Care. Track 16 Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.

Legend 2019. Icon of Design. Bridgid Coulter at Una Malan showroom. Los Angeles, CA.

Between What We See and What We Say. Blue Roof Studios. Los Angeles, CA.


2018     La Reina de Los Ángeles. Descanso Gardens, Pasadena, CA.

CLAY. Galerie Lefebvre and Fils, Paris, France.

Summer Show 2018. Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.

RADIANT. Big City Forum. Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival. Los Angeles, CA.

SUPERWOMANSHADOWPOWER. 5 Car garage. Santa Monica, CA.


2017    Winter Show. Art House LA, Los Angeles, CA

            The Fourth World. Big City Forum, The Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles, CA

            LO/WAVE II. NOH WAVE, Los Angeles, CA

            Art Beyond Conflict. Sculpture Northwest Gallery, Bellingham, WA

            Earth Day. Sculpture Northwest, a year-long installation, Bellingham, WA


2016    INSIDE. Athenaeum, LA Jolla, CA

Rituals of Sphynx and Lamassu. MaRS Gallery, Los Angeles, CA



2015   Experience 19: TOUCH. ESMoA, El Segundo, CA

Salon No.13. Marin Projects, Santa Monica, CA

Vessels. LAXART, Hollywood, CA

Uncommon Terrain. Shulamit Gallery, Venice, CA


2014   Vedars. Aqua Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

LAX ART Gala.Greystone Manor, Beverly Hills, CA

Vessels. Shulamit Gallery, Venice, CA


2013   Abstract Perversion. Emma Gray HQ, Santa Monica CA

The Interior Forest. 18th Street Art Center, Santa Monica, CA


2011    Super Sense. 825 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Breaking in Two. Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Metal Canvases and Steel Line Drawings. Ellis Open Studio, Culver City, CA

Energy. TEDx Conejo, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center, Thousand Oaks, CA

2010    Catch Me Bird: IRON. Ford Amphitheater Plaza, Los Angeles, CA



Founder and Creative Director, Blue Roof Studios Annual Arts Festival 2019 and 2018.

Interactive multi-arts community event funded in part by Department of Cultural Affairs’ Arts Activation Fund.



A PLACE n. V. 1000 square foot sculpture garden. Private Collection. 2016. Beverly Hills, CA.

A PLACE n. IV. 2500 square foot sculpture garden. Private Collection. 2015. Los Angeles, CA.

A PLACE n. III. 5000 square foot sculpture garden. Private Collection. 2014. Pasadena, CA.



La Reina de Los Angeles.

Descanso Gardens, 2018 and 2019. Pasadena, CA

White Guardian.         

Glen Echo Gardens, 2018. Permanent installation, Bellingham, WA

Earth Day.       

Sculpture Northwest, 2017. Year-long downtown installation, Bellingham, WA


Athenaeum, 2016. Public courtyard three-month installation, LA Jolla, CA

LAX ART Gala.                       

Greystone Manor, 2014. Weekend event installation, Beverly Hills, CA



Works held in private collections in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, Brussels and Tel Aviv.



Founder, Blue Roof Studios, 2016-present

Blue Roof Studios is a multidisciplinary art hub located in a converted Church in South Los Angeles. It offers a place for artists to work in an environment that fosters creativity and community and hosts events that promote open dialogue with artists and the public.



The Fountainhead Residency.

International Residency, nominated by Curatorial Advisory Board. Miami, FL  April 2017



Architect and CEO: Path Reliability Inc.                                 Los Angeles, CA  1996 - 2007

Ran enterprise software company with over 30 employees, providing pattern recognition software to large corporations such as IBM, Disney, Pratt and Whitney. Designed and built company offices in Venice and Marina Del Rey; created unique sculptural environments promoting both connectivity and intimacy using traditional and non-traditional materials like wavy Plexiglas on steel studs for walls, solid doors and cinder blocks for desks and partitions.


3D Animator: Independent                                          Los Angeles, CA  1991 - 1997

Employed 3D Studio MAX and Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) animation software (self-taught) to create virtual environments for independent projects with clients such as MGM studios, Fish Interactive, L Square production, and Tenet HealthCare.


Designer and Project Lead: Noy Farran Designers       Tel Aviv, Israel  1986 - 1991

Collaborated with multidisciplinary fabricators and structural, mechanical, electrical engineers on multiple commercial and residential projects. Implemented layout, lighting, sculptural displays and furniture.



Neri Bloomfield College of Design and Architecture, Haifa, Israel

Otis College of Art and Design (CE-Metal and Sculpture), Los Angeles, CA

Metal work apprenticeship, Daniel Wheeler, Big Objects Studio, Glendale, CA

Clay workshop, Peachtree Pottery, Los Angeles, CA




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“Ceramic sculptures by Los Angeles artist Galia Linn hold one’s attention through a rather conflicting combination of opposites: strength and fragility, multi-colored glazes and monochrome natural clay, and the feminine and masculine.”

Edward Goldman, KCRW Art Talk.

“Galia Linn is a ceramicist, but her affecting, often large-scale sculptures have evolved to defy conventions of the clay genre. With a deep appreciation for the poignant humanist allegorical potential of the clay vessel as a metaphor for the human body — lush, scarred, vulnerable, violated, stalwart, enduring and beautiful.”

Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly.

7329 S. Broadway Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90003